The Erasmus Student Network is Europe's largest voluntary student network, active in more than 40 countries. ESN operates at three levels: International, national and local.

The main aim of this non-profit organisation is to represent international students and build an international bond based on student helping student.

ESN Existanbul was established in 2010 and has been a constant part of the Erasmus Student network ever since. ESN Existanbul is a student club consisting entirely of volunteer students who are trying to help Erasmus students coming to Türkiye within the scope of Istanbul University and to ensure cultural circulation.

Striving to make the most of your Erasmus experience, our club organises parties, cultural excursions and makes sure you spend the academic year as productive as possible.

Our club, which has achieved success all over Türkiye, is working non-stop with its 77 active members to ensure that students have the best Erasmus experience. 
ESN Existanbul will continue to work for you and exist with you, remember, #WeExistTogether #WeAreOne