PR Committee

PR Committee is founded under the leadership of the Communication Manager and makes sure that ESN Existanbul will be visible both in the national and international areas. The Committee makes advertisements, creates videos, pictures, Social Media Posts, gets new followers for our accounts.

Creates some Social Media Content and collaborates with the Event Team and SI Team to create designs for every event. Make sure that ESN Existanbul trips are highlighted enough. If needed, make connections with the students individually and make sure that they join the events.








Event Committee

The event Committee works under the leadership of the Event Coordinator of ESN Existanbul. The Committee is responsible for all the events that will take place.

The Committee creates monthly events and makes sure that the calendar is being followed. It also cooperates with the PR Committee to create promotional materials. Plus, it works together with the Social Inclusion Committee to create socially inclusive events together.






What is the buddy system?

Striving to make the experience of Eramus students unique, ESN Sections implement a buddy system to help students one-to-one. A buddy is an ESN volunteer who takes a close interest in your Erasmus process.  According to this system, your local section (in this case ESN Existanbul) assigns you a buddy. Your buddy, who is a student like you and carries out this action completely voluntarily, is there to help you with the problems you experience in your Erasmus country.

Being in a different cultural interaction during the Erasmus process, going to an unfamiliar country may make you feel foreign.
You can consult your buddy on any issue so that your adaptation to the Erasmus process will be fast.
Buddies facilitate your communication with the section and help you understand the progress.

Coming to a different country and trying to live in that country can be difficult, but remember that you don't have to be alone while doing all this, your buddies are here for you!






Social Impact Committee

The Social Impact Committee makes sure that all the causes of ESN are being applied to the events, students are aware of the causes and makes sure that all the events prepared by the Committee go in parallel with the Event Committee and PR Committee.

Every month the Committee is obliged to organize at least one event or project for each cause. The causes are Culture, Education and Youth, Environmental Sustainability, Health and Well-Being, Skills and Employability, and Social Inclusion.

To create each event, the Committee may work with ESN Türkiye or can make section cooperation with the other sections.