Hello everyone! Happy International Safer Internet Day!
International Safer Internet Day, which has been celebrated in the second week of the second month of the year since 2004, will be celebrated with events on February 13 this year. Specially for today, we will tell you a few tips that we should pay attention to while surfing the internet:
-You should have complex passwords that are different from each other for accounts you use on the internet and you should change your passwords every 3 months.
-You can ensure the security of your files by using antivirus software.
-You should not click on the links to spam messages that you do not know the sender to your email.
-You should make sure that the apps on your computer or phone are up to date. The more up-to-date your applications are, the less likely that malware on the internet will affect you.
-Avoid sharing your personal information in internet environments that everyone has access to.
-Last but most importantly you should be careful about malicious people on the internet
Stay safe.